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Malaysian vehicle sales data in August 2019 by brand

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Malaysian vehicle sales data in August 2019 by brand

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The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) showed that 51,148 vehicles were sold in August, a gain of 295 units or 0.58% from the 50,853 units sold in July. The July figure is a 19.5% gain from June, which was an upturn from the 30% drop in sales recorded in comparison to May.

August saw an equal split of gains and drops among the top 10, of which the top three Perodua, Proton and Honda made gains over July by 0.7%, 6.3% and 0.6% respectively. Toyota and Nissan rounded up the top five with 5,415 units and 1,707 units sold in August respectively, though these represented drops of 4.3% and 14.8%.

The race for second place in year-to-date sales saw the margin between Proton and Honda grow slightly to 1,864 units, the gap widening slightly from 314 units in the previous interval. Meanwhile, the biggest gainers for August are Mitsubishi (+19.6%), Volkswagen (+50.3%), Hyundai (+43.2%) and Renault with the biggest leap (+229.4%), this upturn following the French brand’s 86.4% decline previously.

Kia hasn’t fared so well for August, charting a 23.1% drop compared to the 13.9% decline in the preceding month. The premium segment sees an overall downward trend from Mercedes (-1.5%), BMW (-23.7%) and Porsche (-42.9%) following the overall gains seen in July, though Lexus (+55.4%) and Volvo (+8.9%) bucked the trend with gains in August.

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