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Next Toyota 86 to be better to drive than GR Supra?

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Next Toyota 86 to be better to drive than GR Supra?

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The stars are starting to align for the next-generation Toyota 86. In an interview with Australia’s WhichCar, the current car’s chief engineer Tetsuya Tada hinted that development is underway, telling the publication, “We have a new 86 team.”

Despite less-than-stellar sales and a shrinking sports car market, the car has clearly earned enough respect and adulation from enthusiasts to warrant at least a look at a second-generation model – and it could even eclipse the new GR Supra in the fun-to-drive department. “We have to make a new 86 that surpasses the Supra… that is what the customer expects,” said Tada.

This backs up a number of other reports from the past year, with the Japanese Best Car magazine suggesting that the car could even make an appearance at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show in October, again developed in conjunction with Subaru and powered by a larger 2.4 litre boxer engine.

But there are other rumours surrounding the new car, including the possibility of Toyota switching to Mazda’s forthcoming rear-wheel drive platform, with even patents of the platform – apparently showing a heavily-braced double wishbone suspension setup – purportedly having surfaced recently.

For what it’s worth, however, Subaru has already confirmed the development of a new version of the 86’s twin, the BRZ. “We are working on it. There will be a second-generation BRZ,” said a Subaru spokesperson earlier in the year.

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